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Quality and Sustainability

Society today faces major climate challenges and the industry in which we work is part of the challenge and we therefore need to work actively to also be part of the solution. We continuously invest in new machines and thus ensure that our machinery and vehicle fleet are updated with the latest technology and the high environmental requirements.

We follow the development of new, more environmentally friendly machines closely and invest in it when it is financially possible. We work to make sustainable choices as far as possible, for us it is important to take advantage of the resources we have, whether it is people, machines or materials.

GE Maskintjänst works continuously with issues concerning quality, environment and working environment, where we strive for all our employees to be confident that they operate in a safe workplace.

Our goal is that no workplace accidents should occur and to achieve this, we all at the company need to be involved in the work. We continuously update our routines and policies so that they lead us in the best way to achieve our goals.