GE Maskintjänst has extensive experience of well and energy drilling as well as tailor-made drilling rigs for deeper and larger holes.

Well and energy drilling

GE Maskintjänst has extensive experience of well and energy drilling. We are a certified drilling company. We carry out assignments around northern Sweden and northern Finland. GE Maskintjänst also has special equipment for, for example, drilling through road banks.

Why geoenergy? - Well, geoenergy is an environmentally friendly and economically good choice. More and more private individuals and companies (including municipal activities) are switching to using geoenergy instead of oil and district heating. The savings on the investment are repaid in a few years. Let's make a offer and tell you more.

Core and Diamond drilling

GE Maskintjänst drilling rig was built in consultation with our experienced staff. The broad experience from previously varying drilling assignments has been the basis for the development of the drilling rig.

The drilling rig is built on a crawler excavator chassis that takes the environment into account. The excavator chassis means that the drill housing itself can rotate 360 degrees around its own axis.

GE Maskintjänst only has one rig, which means that we do not take on large assignments but are available for quick cuts where the requirement for flexibility is great.