2021-03-25 Ridklubben Dundret “Bet for future generations”

Important investment for future generations! 🌟
GE Maskintjänst now chooses to support Ridklubben Dundret in their important activities where children and young people can practice what they are passionate about and where they are raised with healthy values.
We see a good business where the riding lessons are the basis of the business and where a closed riding house has both caused a great financial loss but also a suffering overall in the business in recent years. Now is the time that as many people as possible are helped so that we get the association on its feet and that the business has a chance to flourish in the future in connection with the start of the new riding house in Gällivare!
We wish Ridklubben Dundret the best of luck and hope that more companies will stand up for your business.
Contact details for those of you who feel you can contribute: 0970-162 30 or ridklubbendundret@hotmail.com
For private involvement there is also a swish number for contributions: 123 568 37 76

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